dilluns, 18 juny, 2018 - 18:15

Estada Lingüística a Bray (Irlanda)

Els 36 nois i noies d'ESO i les professores que els acompanyen han passat un segon dia, ja, a Irlanda, a Bray concretament, i han vist país en les sortides dominicals a Glandelough i a Powerscourt. Aquí teniu algunes imatges.

17th of June. Powerscourt Gardens and Glendalough
Today, we have waken up at 7:30 o’clock to be at 9:30 ATC school, where we took the bus to go to Powerscourt Gardens. 
When we arrived there a very nice man went with us and showed us loads of things. The first thing that we did when we arrived there is watching a short film about the history of the gardens, then we walked through the gardens and there we have seen the castle and the Chinese Garden.
Finally, we’ve gone to a nice restaurant to have lunch. 
In our opinion the gardens are a lovely place and we recommend everybody to visit them.