Let's Roll. Gears and Other Mechanisms



This is Roger Rué's portfolio, a mathematics and technology teacher at Col·legi Claret, in Valls. This project is about gears and has been implemented in the 3rd Grade of Secondary Education.

Reflection on the implemention of the project

There have been some interesting situations while applying the proposed project in class.

First of all, students are reluctant to use English in class at first, but when they understand that the main purpose is not to speak a fluent and correct English all the time but to try its use in order to learn new vocabulary and to communicate between them and with the teacher, most of them make the effort.

Another idea is that I have to change some of the activities. The combination of a new technological subject with the difficulties that arise from the use of English results in a large number of the students who don't understand what they have to do. For example, in session 3, activity 1, the analysis of the images has been very difficult because they lacked most of the vocabulary, so it should have been better to start with activity 2, where the images are simpler and, later, let them try the most complex images.

A last reflection on the implementation is that there should be more exercices about the mathematical relation between the size and the speed of gears. The exercices proposed during this first implementation of the project don't allow students to gain insight into the operation of gears.

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